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Itching and Loathing September 9, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in General.

There are few things that I truly LOATHE in this world. My current top three loathes are: celery, mosquitoes, and cancer (not necessarily in that order). Today’s #1 = mosquitoes. “Why?”, you ask. Well, because I can barely walk from my front door to the car without coming under attack. We stood out front Friday night talking with a neighbor. Susan = 13, Casey = 0. What am I scoring? Bites. Blood sucking mosquito bites! Twelve of those bites were on one leg which obviously tastes better than the other leg which only received one bite. I have the self control of a two year old when it comes to scratching those bites. You could currently play a serious game of connect-the-dots using my legs for a gameboard. I look like I have the plague. I’m considering bringing up the fact that we should have our neighborhood bombed for mosquitoes at the next HOA meeting. I should not fear contracting malaria while taking my dog on a walk! I’m sure this movement will go over well. Of course, why does the neighborhood need to be “bombed” when my neighbors can use me as repellent (or bait)!!

Mosquito 1


1. Sarah - September 9, 2007

Try to control yourself, or at least use a pen to scratch all those bites 🙂

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