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Smartypants… September 20, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in General, TV/Movies.

…I am not. Although on occasion, I have been known to wear some very smart-looking pants!

One show that I absolutely hate is Jeopardy. Usually the only time I do well when watching Jeopardy is when it’s high school week. My husband and best friend, Sarah, love Jeopardy. They always holler out the question before Mr. Trebek can even finish providing the answer. I hate watching Jeopardy with either of them. I never knew the brain could hold so much useless knowledge and still have room for the good stuff. Needless to say, they are both categorically known as “smartypants”! It is absolutely ridiculous.

Now for the good stuff. About a year ago, I discovered a show called Cash Cab. If you haven’t seen this show, you MUST tune in. Ben Bailey is the host and he is quite funny…in a dry, sarcastic manner…which I adore. The premise of the show is that folks get into the cab to go to a particular destination in NYC. He announces that they are on a game show that takes place in his cab. They have to answer questions for cash for the duration of their ride; however, if they get three wrong answers, he tosses them out onto the street. The players get two shout outs: one street shout out where they can ask someone on the street for help and one mobile shout out where they can call a friend for help. Oh, then there’s the red light challenge where there are no penalties for wrong answers and, finally, when the players reach their destination they have the choice to go double or nothing. Ben shows a video clip and asks one question. If they get it wrong, they walk away with nothing. On the flip side, if they get it right, they double their winnings.

To my surprise, last night I discovered Cash Cab: After Dark. It comes on at 11 pm and, boy, do they pick up some crazy folks! In addition, all of the money values are doubled.

This is a show that reaches out to those slightly above average American brains!
It’s also one of those shows that makes me feel a little Geek Chic!

UPDATE: To find out more about Cash Cab click on the title of the show in the post above. The show airs on the Discovery Channel.


1. Sarah - September 20, 2007

So on what channel might one “smartypants” find this Cash Cab show, it sounds interesting, although maybe a little too easy for me 🙂

2. LeelaShneela - November 5, 2007

Hey SmartyPants!! I have a question for you: you said that you saw Cash Cab at 11 pm and I was wondering if you’ve seen it since then (at that time) because I can’t find it listed anywhere!! I only see it listed as on at 5:30 and such… is it on every night at 11? (I realize I could just stay up every night til 11 but I usually fall asleep ) and I miss watching it now that my hours have changed at work… lemme know!

3. smooregasbord - November 8, 2007

Cash Cab: After Dark comes on Wednesday nights at 11 pm. It’s been on every week except for last week.

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