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Skin Allergies, Muscle Spasms, and a Mouse September 27, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in General, Pets, Running.

Those are the words that pretty much sum up my week. I know, riveting, isn’t it?!

So Dixie has been scratching her belly a lot. That eventually turned to gnawing and biting at her back half and creating some raw spots. Monday morning I took her to the vet to 1) have her skin looked at and 2) get her quarterly blood pressure check. (Did I mention that my dog has high blood pressure?) So it turns out that she has skin allergies and the vet put her on antibiotics…which are the size of a quarter and smell like puke! Try giving that to your dog. Not to mention I have the dog that manages to eat around whatever you put the pill in and then spits the pill out. While at the vet, I discovered these new treats called Pill Pockets (which equally smell like puke). I thought that I would give them a try. Here’s what I discovered: two pukes don’t equal a treat that a dog likes to eat multiple days in a row. I’m back to peanut butter. Dixie is glad that I’m back to peanut butter.

In keeping with the theme of mice that I seem to achieve here (both electronic and real life), I bring you the following story. So Monday night Casey and I went for a run. We took a route that is close to shopping areas and very well lit. While some may get on a “runner’s high”, I am not one of those folks. I pay attention to every little thing around me and continually concentrate on how much longer and farther I have to go. That being said, I’m looking down at the curb and low and behold a mouse goes running beside my feet. I’ve never thought of myself as being one of those “jumpers and screamers at the site of a mouse” sort of people, but let me reassure you that I am! I almost took Casey out by screaming and jumping up on his back. I no longer live in a rural area because I don’t like critters and creepy-crawlies, so I certainly don’t want to see a mouse while on a run next to the shopping mall. Mice don’t belong in suburbia unless they’re made of fabric, filled with catnip, and in a cat’s mouth!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in my jaw. I finally bucked up and went to the dentist. Turns out I’m having a muscle spasm in my upper left jaw on top of having TMJ. My dentist (who, by the way, is the best dentist in the world and totally ROCKS) suggested that I be fitted for an occlusal guard. I envision my nights to look like this now…



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Does that oclousal guard come off during the day? The dental gear can probably be cute during nighttime, but not sure at daytime 🙂 The whole cause of that muscle spasm could probably come during your screaming for a mouse time.

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