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“Th-th-that that don’t kill me, Can only make me stronger…” October 8, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in Running.

Oh, Kanye, you said it best in your lyrics to Stonger!

Well, Casey, Joy, my dad, and I ran the Army Ten Miler yesterday. It was brutal!!! With temperatures reaching in the 90’s and humidity over 80%, I thought it was July not October. The race went fine. We all finished which is an accomplishment in and of itself. Casey and Joy ran together and finished in 1:41:15. I finished in 1:53:03 and my dad finished in 2:02:14. We were all very proud of ourselves especially considering these were definitely not ideal running conditions.

That’s me in the aqua colored top!

ATM Run 1 ATM Finish



1. Sarah - October 19, 2007

Nice pictures! Are those spirit fingers I see as you crossed the finish line?

2. smooregasbord - October 19, 2007

I was too tired to wiggle them, but it’s as close to spirit fingers as you can get after 10 miles!!

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