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Suck It Up and Go Green October 23, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in Around Town, Eco/Green, Food.

So this past weekend, Casey and I ate at Ted’s Montana Grill. As an FYI, they have unbelievable onion rings! Anywho, the point of my story is that I don’t normally drink straight from the glass in a restaurant. Generally, I prefer a straw, so Friday night was no different in that regard. I opened the straw and discovered something new and unusual. At first, I thought they must have given me a “dud”…whatever that means in the World of Straws…because the texture was off. It wasn’t your typical plastic. It felt like cardboard….OMG, it was cardboard! Pretty cool. You can check out the Aardvark Paper Drinking Straws here. One other thing I discovered about Ted’s is that it is a “99% plastic free establishment”. Again, pretty cool. We do little things every day to try and make a difference for our environment. It’s nice to see others taking part, too.



1. Nicholas David - October 23, 2007

That is hilarious! Never heard of such a thing. Thanks!

2. realworldmartha - October 23, 2007

I haven’t heard of the straws before but I have seen the utencils made from potato starches and such. Pretty interesting. It is nice to know that companies are trying to do their best as they have a huge impact!
Debbie aka The Real World Martha

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