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A Taste of the Islands November 13, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in Shopping, TV/Movies.

I was shopping in Target. I know, shocker! I was waiting in line to check out and was perusing the gum and candy at the register. Then it caught my eye…Orbit Maui Melon Mint in its beautiful pink and green package. The thought of melon and mint together didn’t really tickle my taste buds, but it smelled so wonderful in the package that I couldn’t resist. I figured that if I enjoyed the Mint Mojito then the chances were good that I would love Maui Melon Mint. YUMMY! It’s quite delicious. Now for the bummer, I can’t find it anywhere! “What the french, toast?”



1. realworldmartha - November 13, 2007

I have that problem all the time. Everytime I like a product it gets discontinued. It’s been a running joke in our family. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that has trouble with this.
Debbie aka The Real World Martha

2. Sarah - November 13, 2007

I saw it for the first time yesterday at the Super Target here in Raleigh. Should I send a care package? 🙂

3. Krys - April 12, 2008

I live in New York City, and I have encountered this same problem. No Maui Melon Mint to be found. I haven’t found it in Rite Aid nor Duane Reade, so I imagine in isn’t being sold in pharmacies. I haven’t found it at any of the magazine vendors in the subway, yet they stock every other flavor of Orbit. I’m dumbfounded: How is this possible? I’ve seen TV ads for numerous times, and I have come across empty cartons on the street. I know it must exist. Were it not for reading this blog, I would have no leads into its whereabouts. Thanks. (still crossing my fingers)

4. smooregasbord - April 13, 2008

Hey Krys. I’m starting to find Maui Melon Mint a lot more frequently. I just purchased a multi pack in Super Walmart today. Besides that, Target is the only other place that I’ve been able to find it.

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