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Miami Insanity November 15, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in Running, Travel.

So Casey completed the Marine Corps Marathon a few weeks back with very little training. Sickening, I know. In my opinion, a distance like that is meant to be traveled in a car! Now, Casey and his youngest sister, Joy, have registered to run the ING Miami Marathon at the end of January. What?! Are they insane?! Have they lost their mind?! No, but apparently I have.

In a sheer moment of weakness, surrounded by eager and enthusiastic runners and the zeal of cute running apparel at the Marine Corps Expo, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to run the half marathon? Ok, well “fun” might be a little strong. But I somehow convinced my brother-in-law (Brett) to join me. So we have officially registered to run the ING Miami Half Marathon.

Watch out Miami, the “Outlaws” are on the run!!



1. ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon - November 15, 2007

best of luck training and congratulations on taking a big 13.1 mile step. If you think Casey and Joy are crazy, you will see why it is they they and 14,998 other people are running marathons and half marathons like the ING Miami Marathon!!! Crossing the line is one of the most exhilirating things you will ever do, and then you will do it again, and again!

Have fun, we will see you in January!

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