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Milking Camels Has Never Made Me Laugh So Hard November 20, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in TV/Movies.

Did anyone watch the Amazing Race on Sunday night? I don’t normally watch this show, but happened to run across it while flipping channels. With an episode name like “Please Lord, Give Me Milk”, how can you go wrong?! I don’t mean to laugh at someone’s misfortune, but I’ve never seen someone get beaten down by a camel. Poor Lorena. That girl was already freaked out by the camel.  Then she got whacked by the camel’s tail which knocked milk out of her bowl. Then she got whacked in the head by the camel’s tail which caused her to go even more hysterical.  Then the camel kicked her bowl, multiple times, causing her to lose even more milk. Then the camel pooped…practically ON her.  Anything that could’ve gone wrong did go wrong!  It was hysterical.  I have never witnessed a mental breakdown quite like hers.  I think this image says it all.


1. Sarah - November 20, 2007

That was a pretty funny scene, you never know what might happen on the race, last week the Grandpa stripped down to his underwear for a challenge, there’s the Goth couple too this season. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows!

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