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Run, Girlie, Run December 12, 2007

Posted by smooregasbord in Fashion, Running, Shopping.

New Adventure SkirtI’m a big fan of clothes, but not such a big fan of running. However, if you dangle cute running clothes in front of me, it’s very motivational! When I was putting together my running ensemble for the Army Ten Miler back in October, I discovered something very wonderful…the running skirt. It allowed me to experience the best of both worlds: great performance clothing combined with being an uber-girl! The one that I wore in the race was the New Adventure Skirt from Nike.

ToughGirlThen I was reading Shape magazine and discovered a company that makes running skirts their passion: SkirtSports. They offer some really cute options and cover all of the important activities: golf, tennis, cycling, and running. Their cycling skirts are especially neat because they have built-in cushioning to protect from the ever irritating discomfort caused by bike seats. I’m not much of a cyclist, so my current favorite is a pair of skirted running pants called the ToughGirl. One other neat option they offer is found on the TransitionGirl skirt: Pearl Snaps. Pearl snaps make it a “snap” to attach your race bib without damaging the fabric with those pesky safety pins.



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