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Who Wouldn’t Want Their Mimi to be a Pirate? March 14, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Family/Home.

As one of her birthday gifts, OletaKate received an inexpensive ball (you know the kind that they keep in those giant bins at Walmart). Note to Parents: These balls cost like a dollar and can provide entertainment for hours! Well, EmmaClaire was playing around with the ball and wanted to toss it back and forth. I was sitting next to Andrea (aka Mimi) on the couch and EmmaClaire was tossing the ball back and forth to me. She then decided to toss it to Mimi, who wasn’t looking, and it nailed her square in the eye. We were all like, “Oh no, EmmaClaire, you hit Mimi in the face! Is she ok?” We started to mildly tease that she could’ve knocked Mimi’s eye out and then she would have to wear a patch like a pirate (we then accompanied our taunting with a few pirate impersonations). She looked mildly traumatized. She’s 3, what do you expect?! We went about playing and tossing the ball around. Then I accidentally hit OletaKate in the head. EmmaClaire turns to her and says, “OletaKate, are you ok? You didn’t lose your eye did you?!” We all rolled.



1. MiMi - March 15, 2008

Susan – Your blog is terrific!!!! Everyone needs to be a pirate at least once in their life!!! I love you!!!! MiMi

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