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Herb-a-licious March 21, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Food, Gadgets.

Herb SavorI love to make caprese salads in the summer. It reminds me of a restaurant that we enjoy when we visit the San Francisco/Napa Valley area. I typically will buy fresh basil at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. The bummer about buying fresh herbs is that they spoil so quickly. So when I saw the Herb Savor in a magazine, I just had to check it out online. It’s made by a company called Prepara. I watched their demo video, but I’m still not convinced. I keep my herbs in water which I change out as necessary; however, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. What’s so special about standing it up in this gadget? Maybe I’m not understanding the underlying features.

The other item that I noticed on their website was the Power Plant Mini. It uses aeroponic technology and an automatic watering/nutrient application system to keep your plants growing and looking great. At about $40, maybe I’ll start growing my own basil…since I’ve been unsuccessful in the past.



1. Sarah - March 21, 2008

Yeah, I don’t see how different that is than putting the herbs in water yourself, except for putting it in the fridge. I think you should go for the Power Plant Mini, it sounds like just the thing for a less than green thumb!

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