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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match April 2, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in General, Running.

Nobody likes to workout alone. Well, I take that back, some people probably do. However, having a fitness partner helps you stay on track and keeps you motivated. I run. Not because it’s a joyful activity, but because it keeps me in shape (oh, and who can resist those cute clothes). I don’t like to run by myself. I try to run with Casey, but we don’t really run at the same pace. He’s an 8 minute mile kind of guy and I’m a 10 minute mile kind of gal. There are days when I feel guilty for asking him to run with me because I know how much effort it takes for him to slow down to my pace. Enter FriendsWorkout.com. It’s like the fitness version of eHarmony. You can put in a request or answer a post and find your perfect match for vitually any fitness activity.

looking for person to make me laugh; must watch The Hills and discuss it; must like good food; must know where every shopping mall is located in the DC area; oh, and can run a 10 minute mile

Nowhere did it mention that exercise had to be at the top of the list!



1. Sarah - April 2, 2008

I know what you mean, it is definitely better to have someone to work out with, it keeps me motivated because I don’t want to let the other person down by stopping early (like I sometimes do when I’m alone) or not going at all. It’s too bad I’m all the way here in Raleigh, I think we’d be a perfect match!

2. smooregasbord - April 3, 2008

There’s no doubt that we’d make a perfect match! College pretty much proved that.

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