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I Could Really Get Into Baseball… May 1, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Around Town.

…if the weather stayed at sixty degrees for the duration of the season. For Casey’s birthday, I purchased tickets to see the Nats play the Atlanta Braves. Casey grew up loving the Braves; however, now that DC is our home, we’re trying to be good little Nats fans! We attended our first game at the new Nationals Park yesterday. It was a 4:35 pm game and the weather was freakin’ awesome! We got off work a little early and took metro to the stadium which, by the way, was also freakin’ awesome since it plops you out about 100 yards from the stadium entrance. I had received warnings that the food was ridiculously expensive and that service was ridiculously slow. I should have heeded those warnings because they were absolute fact. Here’s the thing that killed me. It was a 4:35 game. I don’t know about you, but I don’t eat dinner at 4:35 or 5:35 for that matter. At the top of the 7th (approximately 6 pm), we decided to grab a bite to eat and vendors were already closing down. If selling food and beverage is your cash cow, then I would think it would be to your advantage to stay open until the end of the game. I did get a smoked sausage which was tasty; however, I missed out on my true favorite, the funnel cake! The game went for 12 innings and the Nats ended up winning 3 – 2. We had a great time, and I certainly look forward to attending a few more games this summer….last place or not.



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