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Wally World Extravaganza May 13, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Home/Design, Shopping.

Every time I have spare cash, I try to make a purchase for our house. You know, home decor items. Here’s the issue: There’s not enough spare cash on the planet for home decor items nowadays! You go to a site like Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn and you might as well take out a second mortgage to buy two lamps. There are a few items that we’ve had since we got married (coming up on 8 years folks) that are starting to show some serious wear-and-tear. Like lamps, rugs, end tables. Before we left ATL, a huge storm came through and destroyed our patio furniture. This also makes me needy for patio furniture. Have you looked at the price of this stuff?! Do they make it out of gold…or I guess these days, gas?!

Anywho, I was perusing the internet for a set of new lamps for our bedroom. I came to the conclusion that lamps are pricey. I thought I would scamper on over to Walmart’s website to check things out because I had seen a cute, and affordable, lamp in last month’s Rachael Ray magazine. The first thing that I noticed is that Walmart is stepping it up a notch. While the in-store options aren’t always the best, they have a lot of “online only” items that are quite nice. They have a new home decor line called Canopy (read more here and here). I purchased two of these lamps for under $100 including shipping and tax. For those of you who feel that that is still expensive, you’ve not been looking recently and I’m pretty sure the only thing cheaper is a campfire.

In addition, their Better Homes and Gardens bistro sets are equally affordable. Two chairs and a small table for $298. Not bad and quite stylish.

Ah, Wally World. Finally something my wallet can look forward to.



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