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1, 2, 3… May 15, 2008

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Wrigley’s may have the double mint twins, but we’ve got the Wurttemberg triplets! That’s right, we are Aunt and Uncle to three beautiful babies that arrived yesterday. Two girls and one boy: Evie, Maggie, and Josh. We are all very excited! Mom, Dad, and babies are doing great! If you want to see more about the triplets go here.

Eye Am Devastated May 14, 2008

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Oktak’s framed pouches are adorable.
Currently, I’m in love with this eyeglass case then I noticed it was sold.
Pure devastation.

Wally World Extravaganza May 13, 2008

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Every time I have spare cash, I try to make a purchase for our house. You know, home decor items. Here’s the issue: There’s not enough spare cash on the planet for home decor items nowadays! You go to a site like Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn and you might as well take out a second mortgage to buy two lamps. There are a few items that we’ve had since we got married (coming up on 8 years folks) that are starting to show some serious wear-and-tear. Like lamps, rugs, end tables. Before we left ATL, a huge storm came through and destroyed our patio furniture. This also makes me needy for patio furniture. Have you looked at the price of this stuff?! Do they make it out of gold…or I guess these days, gas?!

Anywho, I was perusing the internet for a set of new lamps for our bedroom. I came to the conclusion that lamps are pricey. I thought I would scamper on over to Walmart’s website to check things out because I had seen a cute, and affordable, lamp in last month’s Rachael Ray magazine. The first thing that I noticed is that Walmart is stepping it up a notch. While the in-store options aren’t always the best, they have a lot of “online only” items that are quite nice. They have a new home decor line called Canopy (read more here and here). I purchased two of these lamps for under $100 including shipping and tax. For those of you who feel that that is still expensive, you’ve not been looking recently and I’m pretty sure the only thing cheaper is a campfire.

In addition, their Better Homes and Gardens bistro sets are equally affordable. Two chairs and a small table for $298. Not bad and quite stylish.

Ah, Wally World. Finally something my wallet can look forward to.

You Nailed It May 12, 2008

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I had my first pedicure on my 29th birthday. (Go ahead, I know what you’re thinking, where the heck has this chick lived her entire life, under a rock?!) Instead of being unbelievably “wowed” by the experience and thinking how could I have been missing out on this my whole life, I thought, “Thank you, Lord, for letting me miss out on this!” There’s something about dipping my feet into a vat of bubbly water where many other people have dipped their feet that just doesn’t appeal to me. Then there’s the poking and cutting and filing. It just gives me the hibbie-jibbies. It’s one thing to perform these acts on yourself, but until it becomes more like voodoo and they can feel every prick and poke that they inflict, I’m just not digging it. I may have forgotten to mention that I also have very short toes and even smaller toenails. In fact, when I went for my inaugural pedicure, it was supposed to be a hot stone pedicure. One look at my tiny toes and the lady said no way were those stones gonna fit without a little discomfort! Discomfort?! I practically had my shoes on heading out the door at the sound of that word. This was a spa…I was supposed to be relaxed. She’s lucky that she could even get polish onto my little nail specks. For those of you who are pedicure fanatics, I will say that I did enjoy the leg and foot massage quite a bit!

With that neuroticism laid out in the open, don’t think for one second that I neglect my toenails. I just elect to care for them on my own…all of which is made possible and fun by my local Ulta. This brings me to why I’m posting. I love OPI polish. While it is rather pricey ($8.50 each), the wide applicator brush allows it to be applied smoothly and, undoubtedly, it lasts the longest. Ulta was having a sale this past weekend on OPI where you buy 2 and get 1 bottle free. After much deliberating, I decided on the three colors below which, in my opinion, scream summer!

from L to R: Flashbulb Fuchsia, The It Color, Cajun Shrimp
disclaimer: colors on screen do not appear as fun as they do in person

The first two colors are part of OPI’s Bright Collection. I am currently sporting the Cajun Shrimp which is part of their Classic Collection. There’s one more color that I hope to get my hands on once it hits stores, Green-Wich Village. They’re toenails people…have a little fun!

Which Exit Will It Be? May 10, 2008

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This month’s issue of Southern Living magazine features a story called “Best Exits Off of I-95“. The first exit featured is 177B where they visit Le Gaulois Cafe in Old Town Alexandria. While I personally haven’t tried their french cuisine, locals rate this restaurant among one of their favorites. I’m also told that their Valentine’s Day menu is exquisite along with the romantic setting that they offer. I’m certainly marking it as a “place to try”. That’s the thing I love about this area…so many great offerings, not enough time to try them all!

The second exit is 148 where they make a pit stop at the Potomac Point Winery in Stafford, VA. Their petit verdot has won awards at several local wine events. The article encourages you to try their Richland Reserve, a bordeaux blend. Dezel of Vine Spot, a local wine blog, stated that it was “Stafford’s best kept secret.”

They continue their travels all the way to Palm Beach, Florida; however, I’m only mentioning the two locales closest to the DC area. Check out the article to see which exits you want to take on your next road trip southward bound.

Happy Camper May 9, 2008

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I have many pairs of shoes, but like most everyone else, only a select few make it onto my feet religiously. Those are the ones that are almost irreplaceable and make frequent visits to the cobbler. I’ve been on the lookout for a new pair of sandals. Comfortable sandals. Sandals that will go with everything. Sandals that will be placed on my feet every weekend and/or in my suitcase for every summer getaway. Said sandal was purchased yesterday and, through the miracles of free overnight shipping, arrived today. I purchased a pair of Camper sandals. Cesta t-strap in gold to be exact. I heart them.  They fit like a glove and are unbelievably comfortable.  I’m one happy camper!

Spinning Out of Orbit May 7, 2008

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One of my very best friends scouts new products for me on occasion since we have similar “likes”. A while ago, I mentioned how much I love Orbit Gum…specifically Maui Melon Mint. I had a tremendously hard time finding it as many of you did. Now I see it popping up everywhere. Well, I can only hope the same is true of the following information. My friend tells me that she spotted two new Orbit flavors on store shelves: Sangria Fresca and Strawberry Mint. In my search for these tantalizing flavors, I came across yet another new find: Fabulous Fruitini. I was able to find all three flavors at Target. The Strawberry Mint is a Limited Edition flavor, so get it while it lasts; however, the other two flavors are supposed to be new editions to the lineup of Orbit’s already spectacular array.

Big Girls Don’t Cry May 6, 2008

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They just jump up and down and scream really loud after they purchase tickets to go see Jersey Boys! While it’s not on Broadway, it’s quite possibly the next best thing: Vegas baby! We’re heading to Vegas at the end of August for vacation. I saw that they were playing at the Palazzo which is located adjacent to the Venetian. I believe that it’s part of an expansion that the Venetian underwent beginning a couple of years ago. Needless to say, I am unbelievably excited about going to the show! I had tried several times to get tickets in NYC; however, they were always sold out for months. Now I get my opportunity and in one of my favorite cities to boot. Yippee!

Display of Affection May 5, 2008

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I am quickly outgrowing my jewelry box, so I have been on a search for a new way to display my baubles. I came across WhoMadeIt’s store on etsy the other day, and I absolutely fell in love with their jewelry stands. A combination of old and new, WhoMadeIt uses saucers and cups to create one of a kind jewelry storage. Now if I can only decide on a color.

“What a Croc”: Part Deux May 4, 2008

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Old Town Hardware just opened up on Washington Street in Old Town Alexandria.  After brunch today, Casey and I popped in to check it out.  I came across the cutest thing while I was in there: crocs o-dial.  It’s a phone case that is a replica of the famous clog. It has a clip on the back or comes with a lanyard for wearing across your shoulder. It also has a small clear pocket inside for stashing some cash and possibly a credit card and ID.  You can even purchase Jibbitz and make your ‘crocs o-dial’ personalized just for you or a friend. Hilarious!