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Top 50 Worst Album Covers Ever June 2, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in General.

This link was sent to me by a friend and, personally, I haven’t laughed so hard in quite some time. It is the Top 50 Worst Album Covers Ever compiled by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Like Cody Matherson’s cover whose photo says, “Yeah, that’s right, I just finished waxing the old t-bird and I’m ready to ‘borrow a feelin’.” Or how about the cover for The Many Facets of Roger which says, “I tried out for the role of Ladies Man, but Tim Meadows beat me to the punch.” Then there’s Manfred sings: Love Songs with a new accent (and, no, I didn’t mess up the capitalization) where it is clear that his sister just learned calligraphy and totally designed his cover…and what is this “new accent” anyway? I’ve also learned that Cajuns really know how to party, that mullets and rebel flags never go out of style, that your Olan Mills’ family portrait makes a great album cover, that Slim Goodbody totally trumps Bodies: The Exhibition because you couldn’t possibly learn more about the human body than seeing your organs plastered on a flesh-colored unitard, that awesome drummers have six arms, that apparently Tootsie (aka Joyce) made an album…and so did Hollywood, that there’s a new contraction I never learned in school called your’e, and that Superman apparently rode around singing on the back of a go-kart.

Please click on the link and enjoy because there are so many other mock-worthy items to browse.



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