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Berry, Berry Good June 16, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Around Town, Food.
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Pinkberry frozen yogurt has been encircled in hype since its inception. Everyone, from celebrities to the average joe, adores the simplicity of frozen yogurt with toppings like fresh fruit or fruity pebbles. Unfortunately, if you don’t live in California or New York, you don’t get the luxury of indulging in Pinkberry’s creations.

Wait no more Northern Virginia! We may not be getting a Pinkberry, but some say we’re getting something even better, an Iceberry. Iceberry, along with Red Mango, are the original frozen yogurt purveyors originating in South Korea. From what I’ve read, Pinkberry is somewhat of a copycat of the other two, but it was the first to bring this style of frozen yogurt treat to the U.S. An Iceberry location opened at Reston Town Center earlier this year. Another location is scheduled to open [very soon] in Springfield, VA, at the Springfield Plaza. The flavors are very limited: original, green tea, and honeydew. Then you get an assortment of toppings like fresh fruit, nuts, cereal, or candies. Reviews are mixed on the original flavor with most stating that it tasted more like lemon than vanilla; however, in contrast, the honeydew received quite favorable reviews for its slight sweetness. I’m excited to give it a try considering it is fat free, low in calories (25 per serving), and very low in sugar. It beats getting my fat on at Ben & Jerry’s!!