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Made By YOU June 23, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Food.

Most days I have an afternoon snack. Sometimes I have a piece of fruit, sometimes I have a Fage yogurt, and sometimes I have a snack bar. For me, a snack bar is usually a Nectar bar or a LaraBar. I typically aim for a bar with less than 200 calories and one that’s high in fiber and protein. Nectar bars contain five or fewer ingredients, all of which are 100% organic, and I’m partial to the Cherry Pomegranate flavor or the Dark Chocolate Walnut which oddly reminds me of a brownie. If I go with a LaraBar, I lean towards the Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie, or Lemon Bar. I usually eat these types of bars before I go for a run. They are filling yet not so much that they cause me to get a side cramp while running (this typically happens when I eat or drink too much right before heading out).

I was reading in Women’s Health about a new bar, one that you should like since you’re the one making it! It’s called a YouBar. You select the ingredients from base, to fruits and nuts, to sweeteners, to vitamin or protein additives. They make the bars, package them up, and mail them to you. As you probably guessed already, it is a little pricey. A 12-bar pack will cost you about $40 (just over $3 per bar); however, you do get a product perfectly customized to your liking.



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