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So Appropriate July 16, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in General, Pets.

Prior to leaving for vacation, Casey and I headed to the bookstore to pick up some reading materials. While he was fretting over what smartypants book he was going to read, I decided to wander aimlessly through the store towards the magazine section. I passed by the display for the canvas totes and personal journals and something caught my eye. I own a basset hound and feel that it is the best breed out there…call me impartial. That being said, anything basset hound-esque appeals to me. There was a black canvas tote with a basset hound print on the front. I thought, “So cute.” Then I read the text directly under the picture and immediately took it to the checkout because I couldn’t leave the store without this bag in my possession.

“Well, Susan, this is a fine mess you are in.”


1. SoccerGirl - July 16, 2008

You have got to be kidding! It’s like someone somewhere just knew. I understand why you had to have it, of course it ties in well with your walking fiasco too.

2. smooregasbord - July 16, 2008

Not only that, but it was the only one that they had. True destiny!

3. Tiffany - July 16, 2008

That’s awesome!

4. SoccerGirl - July 16, 2008

So, I was curious and had to research where your quote came from and found this website: http://www.mairakalman.com/elements.html. It’s actually a book on grammar (one of my favorite subjects as you know) but no explanation for why a Bassett Hound illustration.

5. smooregasbord - July 16, 2008

Clearly, this was more appropriate than I thought.

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