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Sleep Fairy August 17, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Family/Home, Pets.

Sundays are typically lazy days around the Moore household. After going to church and brunch, we sit around reading the paper and drinking coffee. We may do a little laundry and miscellaneous house cleaning. We take Dixie for a long walk, and we make our weekly grocery store run. Today, however, we had a little visitor! The sleep fairy stopped by our house and sprinkled magic dust right on top of Casey and Biscuit which apparently rendered them helpless. At least they had each other, right?!


1. Tiffany - August 18, 2008

You are too funny! This reminds me of when I was teaching 4th grade. Often, after school, my students desks would get paid a visit by the “Desk Fairy” (I never saw her, I swear!) All the kids with clean desks got a gift. Her visits were amazing because it would prompt all the slobs to thoroughly clean their desks the next morning and complain that she had forgotten about them. Too bad Casey didn’t get a gift from the Sleep Fairy.

2. smooregasbord - August 18, 2008

The only gift the Sleep Fairy left were a few moments of shut-eye! I like the idea of a Desk Fairy. We might need to look into one for our office!

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