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Have a Super Halloween October 31, 2008

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Even Superman has to get his bag checked by Capitol Police.

I hope your Halloween is super!

TJ Faves: Whole Grain Strawberry-Filled Cereal Bites October 29, 2008

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I love Trader Joe’s, but there have been times when I’ve purchased cereal that just isn’t sweet enough. It’s like eating cardboard. Puffins are a good example. While not an exclusive TJ’s product, I bought some cinnamon Puffins a while back. The outside was delicious, but the cinnamon flavor wasn’t baked all the way through leaving a bland taste at the end. Dixie, on the other hand, thought they were delish! Since then, I’ve been wary about some healthier cereal options.

The fact that the shelf for these whole grain strawberry-filled cereal bites seemed to have been ravaged was a good indication that they were probably tasty!! Of course, I bought the last box on the shelf and my observations proved to be true…YUM! It’s like taking strawberry poptarts and miniaturizing them into cereal form. They are so good! On the flip side, they can be a bit too sweet (as evidenced by the high sugar count). If I’m eating a bowl of cereal, then I usually mix this with granola or rice chex. Otherwise, they are perfect to eat right out of the box as a snack. If you’re not a strawberry person, they also offer a chocolate variety.

Go Daddy! October 27, 2008

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Yesterday was the 33rd annual Marine Corps Marathon. This was my dad’s second time running this race and he finished in 5:19:27. We were all very proud of him!! Click here to see the video we took of him as he approached mile 23.


Closing the Gap October 24, 2008

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If you’re like me, then you probably have a problem with the waistband on your pants gapping at the back.  It’s a tug-o’-war match between me and my jeans, and the jeans usually win.  I’m always challenged when shopping for pants…not only do I have to find shorter lengths, but I also have to find pants that fit my waist without half of my crack hanging out!! Several companies (Gap and Lee are two of them) are trying to help us ladies out by changing the cut of some jeans/pants. Gap’s “curvy” cut and Lee’s “no gap” waistband are supposed to eliminate that extra space you find at the back of your pants. That’s great for any new britches you’re purchasing; however, what are you supposed to do with the pants you already own.  Well, you can shell out the cash to get each pair altered which, when done properly, can run anywhere from $10-20 a pair. OR you can look into getting an isABelt. isABelt is a thin clear belt that can help eliminate the gap in your waistband. The nice thing is that it won’t add the unsightly bulge in the front of your waistband that other belts typically create. I think I may take the $16 plunge to purchase one and try it out. It comes in sizes S, M, L, plus, and junior sizes. They also offer a pink-ribbon version which is the perfect pink purchase during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Why Dixie, What Big Ears You Have October 22, 2008

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Bice Designs - Little Red

The time had come for me to get Dixie a new collar, and of course my first stop for shopping was Etsy. While there are a lot of cute Etsy shops offering pet items, I decided on the collars at Bice Designs. Not only do they offer a variety of designs, but they also embroider your pet’s name and phone number on the collar at no extra charge. I opted for the Little Red Riding Hood design. It was just too cute to pass up. I also like the Buzz-n-Bumble design and the Power Tie options (you can even send them your own men’s tie…a great “green” option for using those old ties stashed in the back of your closet). They are not dog exclusive, so if you have a kitty who needs a new collar you should check out their products.

Mint Garden October 21, 2008

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Minted Rose Lip Balm

Lip balm is one of my MANY obsessions. Last week, we popped into Sephora to get Casey a new bottle of cologne and I spied this near the register. I’ve used products from the Rosebud Perfume Co. previously, but I like the tingle of mint which they’ve never offered until now. While it is a petrolatum product, it is incredibly moisturizing probably due to all of the natural oils that it contains. It’s a multipurpose product that I give an A+.

Unmentionables October 17, 2008

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I read the following in my Washington Post DC Scout newsletter this week:

“Until Oct. 26, at Sylene’s Trade-In Event, exchange your old bra for $5 off a new purchase and get $2 off for a panty trade. Gently worn bras are donated to Families Forward, a local organization working to prevent homelessness.”

I was on board with the whole bra trade-in, but a panty trade?!?! I just can’t get on board with that. You gotta draw the line somewhere, right?

Policical Mumbo Jumbo October 16, 2008

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The 2008 presidential election seems to be one of the most exciting and confusing elections in which I’ve been able to vote. Last night was the final debate, and while I was hoping to walk away feeling confident that I had made my choice, I walked away still struggling with it. I dislike certain policies supported by each candidate, so does that mean that I’m simply voting on whose personality I like best…which, by the way, would make my decision A LOT easier?! Most politicians, by nature, seem to do a lot of “double talk” instead of simply answering questions straight out. Then they try to say what the other candidate is doing right or wrong and end up getting that only half right thereby confusing the American public. Make your voice heard on November 4th and please take the time to get informed on each of the candidates: John McCain, Barack Obama, and Bob Barr (Libertarian).

The Washington Post has a pretty decent site which shows each of the main candidates platforms. The CNN Election Center is also a good source of information. Select Smart is a cool site which allows you to compare candidates side by side. 2Decide uses a simplified chart to compare each candidate’s position on the issues.

Give That Girl a Raise October 14, 2008

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I called our salon yesterday to schedule our haircut appointments. Here’s how the conversation went:

Salon: Thank you for calling [Salon Name] at [Location]. How may I help you?
Me: I’d like to make an appointment for both myself and my husband to get a haircut.
Salon: Which day and which stylist?
Me: Preferably Friday with [Stylist’s Name].
Salon: What time?
Me: The latest appointment he has available.
Salon: 7 pm?
Me: Sounds great! That’ll be perfect.
Salon: So you would like that time?
Me: Yes.
Salon: Phone number and what’s your husband’s name?
Me: [Insert number] and my husband is Casey, C-a-s-e-y. Last name, Moore.
Salon: So that’s Perfect and Casey Moore with [Stylist’s Name] at 7 pm on Friday?
Me: Yes, that’s correct.

It just sounded so good; I didn’t have the heart to correct her.

Today’s Weather… October 10, 2008

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…brought sunny skies and several “yes-es” from a Texas-based news personality when her weatherman boyfriend proposed on-air. Click here to see the video.