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Gold Digger October 8, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in General, TV/Movies.

I saw a snippet on GMA earlier this week about Gold Parties. Apparently, it’s the equivalent of a Tupperware party except you’re not there to buy something, you’re there to get paid. Back at the beginning of summer, we did some “spring” cleaning and I came across a crapload of gold jewelry that I do not wear anymore. By the way, I have quite a wild collection including pink ice, tulip rings, gold nugget charms, herringbone chains, and the famous panda coin jewelry. Instead of it sitting there collecting dust, I could take it to a Gold Party (or host one myself) and turn it into cash. Of course, you should do your homework before attending one of these parties and try to find out the actual worth of what you have on hand.  It’s like going to the doctor, it never hurts to get a second opinion. According to the story, gold is currently priced at a little more than $850 per ounce, so I suggest you go digging around your house and turn that stash into cash!!


1. Nicole - October 10, 2008

Girl, how funny! Do you know that I went straight to their website after seeing that snippet on GMA and have requested the paperwork to send off all my old 80’s gold? Huge herringbones and purple ice included. Seriously, I’ve been emailing that January woman (the lady on GMA) back and forth for two days now. She said that she just had 2 people purchase the gold kits and would be hosting parties in the future but I was like shoot, I could take the cash now. So I’m just gonna send mine in. How funny? Like I said before, we are long lost sisters!

2. smooregasbord - October 11, 2008

That is crazy. I don’t think I realized that you could send it in. I’m interested to see how the process goes for you and how much you end up getting for your jewelry. Time for a Tysons field trip!!

3. Tiffany - October 14, 2008

Wow, if only I hadn’t expressed my dislike for gold jewelry years ago. . . I could be rolling in dough right now! I saw those commercials on TV for mailing it in, but that seems a little scary to me.

4. smooregasbord - October 14, 2008

If you weren’t wearing gold in the eighties, what were you wearing? Jelly bracelets, slap bracelets, and mood rings don’t count!

5. Nicole - October 16, 2008

Okay, so I just got my paperwork and kit to mail my gold off today. So right away, I put it in the baggie and box she provided and shipped it off. It’s very legit. I wouldn’t have done it if I thought otherwise. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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