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Southern Dictionary: Woolly Worm November 15, 2008

Posted by smooregasbord in Around Town, General.

woolly-wormConsider the woolly worm to be the farmer’s almanac of insects. A caterpillar meterorologist, if you will. This fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar eventually morphs into the Isabella Tiger Moth. Spanning my entire 30+ years, anytime we see one of these woolly worms, we carefully examine its banded brown and black coloration to determine what type of winter is coming. Brown indicating mild weather and black indicating it is going to be a cold one. The color on the head represents the beginning of winter and, obviously, the further back on the body you go indicates the end of the season.

When we visited Stribling Orchard a few weekends back, we came across at least half a dozen of these fuzzy creatures. They all pretty much indicated the same thing: put on your scarves and mittens for the first part of winter, but don’t pack away the shorts too quickly!


1. grace - November 18, 2008

i used to love to let those critters crawl up my arm. good memories. 🙂

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