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A Whole New World February 3, 2009

Posted by smooregasbord in TV/Movies, Work.

samsung-tvI wish I had a better excuse for my recent lack of posts. Unfortunately, someone dictates that I go to the same establishment for five days a week and in exchange for my knowledge, they provide me with monetary funds. Some people call it “work”, I call it “good times”. In my line of business, it goes a little like this…feast or famine. Right now, I’m in the feast period which is taking away from my extracurricular activities. Hopefully, I’ll be able to exercise portion control very soon!!

On another front, HD has made it’s way into my home. Casey and I, after two years of meticulous research, have purchased an LCD TV.  I never knew watching tv could be like this.  Last night, I discovered that Peyton has zits and that Claire looks like Tammy Faye.  It’s actually kind of weird.  Some of the shows seem like I’m watching a live play or a telenovela.  Of course, I’m quickly learning that once you go HD, you never go back!


1. Beth Camp - February 3, 2009

Sasquatch wants to know if HD hurt your feelings would you go back then?

2. smooregasbord - February 4, 2009

Yes. It’s about forgiveness and being the bigger person.

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