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Empire of Fur March 8, 2009

Posted by smooregasbord in Family/Home, Pets.

pledge-fabric-sweeperYou know how there are those pesky things in your house that you will try absolutely anything to get rid of?! Pet hair is that pesky thing for us. We have a dog and two cats, and they leave hair “tumbleweeds” floating throughout our house and a not so gorgeous fur coat on our couch. We are vacuum maniacs and big fans of Dyson! When I saw the commercial for the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, I figured why not give it a shot. It’s basically the same concept as those red velvety lint brushes from the 80’s. I thought it might be a quicker alternative to whipping out the vacuum for every stray animal hair. I have to say that it works pretty good…not perfect, but good enough. The only crappy thing about it is that once it’s full you have to toss it; however, it takes a lot to get it full. At the rate we’re going, I figure it could take a good month to get a toupée’s worth of hair.


1. Nicole Blackmon - March 23, 2009

I really need to try this out. Bleeker doesn’t really shed much since he’s a yorkie but on our white chair that he loves to lay in, there is black hair all over! I’ve been using a lint roller but this sounds pretty cool!

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