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Bun in the Oven July 31, 2009

Posted by smooregasbord in Le Petite Bebe.

We have exciting news in the Moore household! We’re having a baby. Last week we got to hear the heartbeat and this morning we went in for our first ultrasound/sonogram. While both Casey and I majored in biology and fully understand human development, it’s still shocking to see it first hand. The sonographer did give us a 3D sneak peek and it was incredible! 

sonogram group


1. Paula Dorough - July 31, 2009

Congratulations!!! More Moore’s, how wonderful!

2. Ginny Moore Wurttemberg - August 1, 2009

The pictures are great! You have one beautiful baby on the way!

3. grace - September 9, 2009

SUSAN!! congratulations, congratulations, and congratulations! i’m thrilled to hear your news, and i hope the pregnancy goes smoothly. remember, you’re eating for two now! 🙂

4. April McCoid - October 31, 2009

I am so happy for you two! I bet Madison and Olivia will be best buddies!

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