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My Life in Rewind: Restaurant 3 August 4, 2009

Posted by smooregasbord in Around Town, Food.

rest 3_1For Casey’s birthday (waaaay back in April), I took him to dinner at Restaurant 3 in Arlington. Neither of us had been there and it seemed like a great place to celebrate his turning 33. I made the reservations on OpenTable (which I LOVE) and mentioned that we were celebrating his 33rd birthday. I really wasn’t thinking about the correlation between the name of the restaurant and his age. Apparently, a lot of folks go there to celebrate 3rd, 30th, and 33rd birthdays, anniversaries, etc. When we were seated, they had even printed up special menus for the occasion.

rest 3_2For starters, they brought out fresh baked bread with butter and tapenade. Oh, not just any tapenade, the BEST tapenade I have ever eaten. Of course, I’m a sucker for olives. Is it wrong to want to lick the little plate?! Casey ordered their bone-in ribeye with creamed spinach and mashed taters (that’s what we call ’em down South). I thought the steak was good, but that creamed spinach was phenomenal! I went with the duck breast. Typically, if it’s on the menu, I order it. If prepared well, it is the most tender and juicy meat you will ever eat…Restaurant 3 did not disappoint. Mine was served over top a sweet potato hash and garnished with a fruit gastrique (that’s just fancy talk for a garnish). Unbelievable. Totally plate-lickin’ worthy!

rest 3_3Dessert was a tough decision. Coffee and doughnuts, Bourbon Pecan Pie, or Candy Bar Pie? I’m pretty sure we couldn’t have made a bad decision, but we opted with the Candy Bar Pie. It was like having a snickers and a heath bar mushed up into a cookie crust…complete with candle!

I give Restaurant 3 high marks. The food was delectable and I felt that they went the extra mile to make our celebration special. We definitely plan to go back!


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