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A Whole New World February 3, 2009

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samsung-tvI wish I had a better excuse for my recent lack of posts. Unfortunately, someone dictates that I go to the same establishment for five days a week and in exchange for my knowledge, they provide me with monetary funds. Some people call it “work”, I call it “good times”. In my line of business, it goes a little like this…feast or famine. Right now, I’m in the feast period which is taking away from my extracurricular activities. Hopefully, I’ll be able to exercise portion control very soon!!

On another front, HD has made it’s way into my home. Casey and I, after two years of meticulous research, have purchased an LCD TV.  I never knew watching tv could be like this.  Last night, I discovered that Peyton has zits and that Claire looks like Tammy Faye.  It’s actually kind of weird.  Some of the shows seem like I’m watching a live play or a telenovela.  Of course, I’m quickly learning that once you go HD, you never go back!

Ergonomics 101 September 17, 2008

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If you sit in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, then you have surely heard of ergonomics and repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). It’s all about the height of your monitor, the distance you sit from your keyboard, the position of your feet on the floor. I mean, there’s even a diagram that shows you all the correct angles. Clearly, someone has mastered the use of a protractor. All of this looks like one of those GUIs from Stranger Than Fiction.

I try to be conscious of my seated position at work, but the reality is that I ususally look like this guy to the left.  How you sit at your computer is only one aspect of ergonomics.  There are other ways to prevent RSIs, like giving your eyes a rest, walking around, and stretching your neck and shoulders.  I discovered a site called Workrave a couple of weeks ago. It’s a program that you upload to your computer that informs you, through pop-up windows, when to take a “micro-pause” (30 seconds) and when to take a “rest break” (5 minutes). During the “rest break”, it shows you different exercises and stretches for your shoulders, back, neck, and even your eyes. I’ve been using the program for about a week.  It can be a bit annoying when the window pops up in the middle of something you’re working on, but it is a good reminder to take care of yourself first.

The Office Fridge August 6, 2008

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I don’t know what the fridge looks like in your office, but the main fridge in our office is a petri dish. Not only that, but it’s always stuffed to maximum capacity. Last Thursday, I brought in a creme brulee rice pudding cup which I didn’t eat. Yesterday, I was hankering for an afternoon snack and went to get my pudding cup out of the fridge. I opened the door and there it sat right in front. I peeled back it’s foil top, dipped my spoon in, and took a bite. Cinnamon? What? This was not my pudding cup. I go back to the fridge and, after exploration deep into its abyss, there sat my lowly little creme brulee pudding cup. Holy flippin’ cow, I had eaten somebody else’s snack pak!! I chuckled with guilt as I sat there all alone in my office deciding what to do. I walked back into the kitchen with post-it note and tape in hand. The note read: “To Whom It May Concern: I accidentally ate your rice pudding cup thinking it was mine. I am SO SORRY! Please enjoy this creme brulee rice pudding cup in its place.” I got no response, but I was able to sleep like a baby last night with a clean conscience!

All of this got me thinking about the illustrious office fridge. I came across this link and got a good chuckle.

Goin’ Gangsta’ in Cubeville June 4, 2008

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I was sent this footage of some dude who apparently lost it at the office and went on a rampage.  There are days when I feel like this on the inside…you know, like an Ally McBeal moment where I imagine what I really want to happen, but in reality it’s just another hum-drum day at the office.

The Day the Mouse Died September 18, 2007

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I’m not a big fan of Mondays, but they seem to come around every week. Yesterday was no exception.

I’ve been experiencing neck and back aches recently, so I’ve been investigating my (lack of) ergonomic implementations. The office is usually a good place to begin such an investigation. My computer used to sit at the corner of my desk requiring me to twist like a pretzel to type, etc. Yesterday I came in and did some rearrangment of my desk including moving my monitor, phone, keyboard, and mouse. I was quite pround of the new setup.

Over the weekend, I also purchased some new coffee. Bucks County Coffee Co. has a seasonal flavor called Banana Split: coffee flavored with banana and caramel, sorry, I just couldn’t resist. So yesterday morning I made myself a cup to bring to work. I had this really awesome Oxo travel mug that was insulated and spill proof. I’ve used it so much that that is no longer the case, so I’ve resorted to using a multitude of other crappy travel mugs that we have in our cabinets. Yesterday, I used the MiGo travel mug that we purchased at Target. It’s insulated, but not spill proof. It’s also a little tall and awkward.

Now to bring these three items (Mondays, desk rearrangement, and travel mug) together. So I’m sitting at my newly arranged desk enjoying my delicious Banana Split coffee in a non-spill proof mug and suddenly make a clumsy Monday morning move and spill coffee all over my mouse and part of my keyboard. The coffee on the keyboard wasn’t so bad. I was able to soak up the small amount with a paper towel. However, the mouse died. I tried using an altered paper clip as a makeshift phillips head screwdriver to take the mouse apart to perform any necessary resuscitation, but to no avail. I eventually gathered up the nerve to tell our IT guy who was nice enough to replace the mouse with only minor snickering involved.

RIP, little mouse.
Time of Death: 10:35 am, 9.17.07