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Magic Carpet Ride April 9, 2009

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aladdin-sustainI’m back in Warner Robins, GA, for my annual work trip. As with all trips, I typically pack my coffee mug when I travel to try to be eco-minded, but I accidentally left it behind this go around. I popped over to Kroger the other night to pick up a few groceries and a row of mugs caught my eye. I ended up purchasing an Aladdin eCycle mug. It’s BPA-free, made from recycled plastics, and is 100% recyclable.  The other cool part is that, unlike my other travel mugs, this one is dishwasher safe and microwavable. Now I can truly feel good while sipping my coffee!


Just Breathe April 1, 2009

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opi-breathe-lifeSpring is officially here although it seems as though the weather didn’t necessarily get the memo. Before you pop those tootsies into a cute pair of sandals, you may want to give your feet a little pampering. I’ve said before that I have tiny toes and tiny toenails and, therefore, am not a huge fan of the salon pedicure. I typically handle prettying up my piggies myself which is why I was super excited to see OPI’s new polish called Breathe Life. OPI has joined hands with the Lung Cancer Foundation of America and created this limited edition pearly blue polish to help raise awareness about lung cancer.  In addition, OPI made a large donation to the LCFA and is their first corporate sponsor.  To find out more about lung cancer, go here.  The Breathe Life polish hits stores today.

Alex and Belle March 9, 2009

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paula-sullivan_bald-eagleFriday I was stuck in a crapload of traffic on the GW Parkway. I look over to see folks on the side of the road armed with cameras and huge telephoto lenses. I’m thinking, “Are they seriously taking photos of the traffic jam?!” Clearly, I was having a moment of mental muddiness.  I turn my head in the direction that their lenses are pointing to see a huge bald eagle perched just above her nest.  A nest that appears to be the size of a coffee table wedged in a tree on the edge of Belle Haven Country Club’s Golf Course.  These two eagles have been dubbed Alex and Belle and are currently incubating eggs that were laid early last week. You can see amazing photos here and here.  I got a chance to see them several times over the course of the weekend. With names like Alex and Belle, I feel like I’m part of my own little Disney love story. Photo Source: Paula Sullivan.

Empire of Fur March 8, 2009

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pledge-fabric-sweeperYou know how there are those pesky things in your house that you will try absolutely anything to get rid of?! Pet hair is that pesky thing for us. We have a dog and two cats, and they leave hair “tumbleweeds” floating throughout our house and a not so gorgeous fur coat on our couch. We are vacuum maniacs and big fans of Dyson! When I saw the commercial for the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, I figured why not give it a shot. It’s basically the same concept as those red velvety lint brushes from the 80’s. I thought it might be a quicker alternative to whipping out the vacuum for every stray animal hair. I have to say that it works pretty good…not perfect, but good enough. The only crappy thing about it is that once it’s full you have to toss it; however, it takes a lot to get it full. At the rate we’re going, I figure it could take a good month to get a toupée’s worth of hair.

I Can’t Believe My Eye February 23, 2009

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Now that we’ve seen the new H&R Block commercial with the cyclops, anytime Casey and I are shocked by something, we say “I can’t believe my eye.” I was looking at the daily showcase on Etsy which is how I find a lot of the new stores that I’ve come to hold so near and dear. That’s when I came across Pleat’s store. Whoa, dude! I’ve seen a lot of interesting things on Etsy, but ‘muffies’ may very well take the cake.

Eight is Great February 22, 2009

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oktapodiSince the Oscar’s are tonight, I thought I’d do a related post. Up for nomination in the cateogory of Best Animated Short is Oktapodi. I saw this short today for the very first time and fell instantly in love. It’s a story about two octopi, young and in love, who become separated when a chef purchases one of them. The other goes to the rescue of his beloved and adventure ensues. The animation and colors are amazing and the setting is ranked among one of the top five places that I’d like to visit someday: the Mykonos. It’s a charming short that will make you smile well past the story’s ending.

Southern Dictionary: Eat Crow February 17, 2009

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We are doing a bible study at our church called 40 Days of Love. It’s a six-week study which focuses on how to make LOVE (for Jesus and for others) our #1 life value. The study correlates with the book, The Relationship Principles of Jesus.  Our pastor does a sermon each Sunday that covers a one-week segment of the book. This past Sunday he was giving an illustration of how he had developed negative feelings towards another individual and really just didn’t like them.  As we began the 40 Days of Love study, he felt convicted to confront this person about his feelings and apologize.  He basically said, “Well, you know what that means….time to eat crow.”  I died laughing. I had not heard this phrase since we moved to the DC area. Pastor Dale is from the South which makes him a winner in my book, but it’s his sense of humor and wit that really seals the deal.

Southerners use the term “eat crow” when a person is in the wrong and that person has to openly admit that they are in the wrong and apologize. Typically this is made worse by the fact that they were obnoxiously adamant about being right in the first place.  I find that crow usually tastes better if you imagine it dipped in batter and fried extra crisy with the Colonel’s secret recipe and then you chase it with a glass of sweet tea.

Totally Kool February 12, 2009

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koolnfitI must be a glutton for punishment. After running the ING Miami Half Marathon last January, I swore I would N-E-V-E-R run a full marathon…and I am sticking to my guns. However, in a moment of weakness, I signed up to run another half marathon. I have no clue what I was thinking. Well, clearly, I wasn’t.

I am on week 6 of a 12-week training program, and my arches are killing me.  I was first thinking that it was plantar fasciitis. However, after much googling, I believe that I may be straining my abductor hallucis muscle. Anywho, I was telling my chiropractor about the problem and, among other things (you didn’t think I would tell you everything…hello, doctor-patient privilege), he recommended that I try Kool ‘N Fit for relief.  It’s an all-natural pain relieving spray. I like to call it “magic”.  This stuff freakin’ rocks!!  I don’t want to mislead you into believing that it completely fixed the problem, but I sprayed my feet just before bed and *instantly* there was no more discomfort. The other great thing is that it has a multitude of uses (like Windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding): spray on sunburn for relief, spray on bug bites to prevent itching, WHOA, hold the phone. Prevents bug bites from itching?!?!!?!  Sign me up. I hate to go all Y2K, but I may very well stockpile this stuff in my basement.

Southern Dictionary: Get the Lead Out February 11, 2009

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I have a reputation for being notoriously late for events, appointments, and the like despite my efforts to be on time.  I think it may be genetic, one of the traits passed down to me by my mom.  When I was younger, my dad was always yelling, “Susan, you better get the lead out or we’re going to be late.”  In other words, HURRY UP!  It was used interchangeably with “get your butt in gear.”  According to my research, the phrase originated in the 1930s and implied that “lead, the heaviest of the base metals, is preventing one from moving.” [Source: Answers.com]  I guess you could say that since not much has changed, I must have a case of lead poisoning.

In Bloom February 5, 2009

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lm_petalIn my experience, one obsession leads to another. I love to read magazines. I get a lot of ideas from the magazines that I read. You know, like products to try, recipes to cook, or websites to visit. I came across an article about Laura Mercier Lip Glacé. After much searching, I was able to find my color of choice: petal. This gloss is not sticky, tastes and smells like a cupcake, and is the absolute perfect shade of shimmery nude! Jackpot!